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Find out how Reactive Technologies’ real-time grid insight tool is helping energy traders.

Renewable energy production

The Situation

The energy transition is gathering momentum with renewable energy proliferating and energy markets evolving. As a result, energy traders are seeing new challenges as they work more and more with renewable electricity–a commodity that can be difficult to predict.

Cost of managing RoCoF

The Challenge

Renewable energy sources are notoriously intermittent. Intermittent energy sources cause greater price volatility and influence constraint management activity on the grid, creating both challenges and opportunities for energy traders.

As well as maintaining the energy balance between generation and demand, grid operators must manage constraints on the network such as thermal, voltage, and inertia limits. Increasingly these constraint management actions are influencing how assets are being utilized in the intraday and balancing markets, presenting energy traders with more complex decisions on the optimal strategy. As a result, there is an ever-increasing need for fast, reliable short-term forecasting and market data tools to support decision-making.

The good news is that energy traders can now obtain real-time grid insights via Reactive Technologies Tradenergy® solution.

The Solution

Time is of the essence in power trading. Reactive Technologies’ real-time grid insights give energy traders a competitive advantage. With Tradenergy®, energy traders get unique grid insight. Grid events such as power stations or interconnector trips are visible an average of ten minutes before alternative sources, allowing for a market timing advantage to make a profit or prevent losses.

Forward-thinking energy traders are currently using Reactive Technologies software to help them understand the energy market on a deeper level. Probabilistic forecasting of inertia levels which influence constraint management and balancing market activity by grid operators allow energy traders to strategically position assets to best support the grid intraday.

Thanks to these data insights, energy traders will be able to contribute to the global transition to a net zero carbon grid while boosting profits.


Maximize Profits

Reactive Technologies’ Tradenergy® tool provides the real-time grid insights needed to help optimize renewable energy trading strategies. Energy traders will have access to industry information, such as power failures and frequency oscillations on average ten minutes ahead of alternative sources. By getting early access to these accurate grid insights, energy traders will get that extra edge needed to maximize profit.

Forecasting with Confidence

Day ahead and intraday forecasts of grid operations empower traders to take trading positions at the ideal time. Operational insights and early access to data inform decisions that minimize the risk of loss from uninformed trades.

Direct Access to Industry Data

Reactive Technologies’ grid insights are sourced and used across the entire power industry. Energy traders gain deep insights into real-time events that affect trading positions, using the same data that industry stakeholders use to make their decisions. Tradenergy® users are working with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to the real-time grid visibility gained through Reactive’s innovative technology.

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