Delivering the world’s most accurate grid measurement tools, accelerating grid operators’ transition to a net zero carbon grid.

Reactive Technologies delivers the world’s most accurate grid measurement tools to streamline and accelerate the power sector’s transition to zero-carbon energy. This exciting transition to cleaner and more efficient energy systems is one of the greatest technological shifts ever undertaken and comes with a variety of challenges. Stakeholders in the electricity generation and distribution industry like grid operators, utilities, and government regulators are tackling these challenges every day.

Reactive’s goal is to support those stakeholders who are leading the way to a zero carbon grid that’s more reliable, resilient, and efficient than what came before.

To do that, Reactive provides first-of-its-kind technologies that deliver accurate, real-time measurements of crucial grid functions. In many cases, Reactive’s tools replace modeling and guesswork, giving grid operators clear, accurate measurements for the very first time.

Armed with the data and insights provided by Reactive, grid operators, electric utilities, and energy regulators can make more informed decisions that get us to a low- and no-carbon energy future faster while also improving the efficiency and reliability of the electricity grids that power our modern world.

Making renewable grids possible.


Transmission Grid Operators

Transmission Grid Operators

Discover how transmission grid operators across the globe are using accurate grid inertia measurements right now to monitor grid inertia and accelerate their energy transition.

Distribution Grid Operators

Distribution Grid Operators

Learn more about how distribution grid operators are rapidly ramping up their renewable energy sources with accurate system strength measurements.

Energy Trader

Energy Traders

Find out how Reactive Technologies’ real-time grid insight tool is providing power traders, asset operators, and market analysts unique insight on grid operations impacting short-term and balancing markets.

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Meet the team of passionate forward-thinkers on a mission to simplify the renewable energy transition with grid resilience technology.


Reactive Technologies has an international presence, with its commercial offices located in the UK, USA and Australia, and its R&D center located in Finland.

Reactive Technologies UK

Bridge House, 4 Borough High Street, London, SE1

Reactive Technologies USA

228 East 45th Street, Suite 9e, New York, NY 10017, USA

Reactive Technologies Finland – Technology Center

Elektroniikkatie 8, 90590, Oulu, Finland

Reactive Technologies Pty Ltd

Level 25, Suite 2, 100 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060

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