Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Reactive Technologies with the 2017 Global Distributed Energy Company of the Year Award

20 October 2017

Reactive’s next generation grid stability technology and innovative demand side response platform enable the transition to a lower carbon energy future

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Based on its recent analysis of the distributed energy industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Reactive Technologies with the 2017 Global Company of the Year Award. Reactive Technologies is an energy tech company with a strong R&D culture and extensive intellectual property, with over 75 patents now granted and over 70 patents pending. Its unique technologies are a result of the merging of the company’s deep communications heritage with its extensive energy experience, ideally placing the company as the industry leader in the global distributed energy space.

The global energy sector has been undergoing a shift in recent years from large, centralized conventional power sources to decentralized power generation, much of it coming from renewable sources. This shift to a greener energy mix is causing challenges for grid operators as renewable generation is intermittent in nature and does not materially contribute to underlying grid stability or “system inertia”. As a result, energy systems are becoming more volatile making safe and cost-effective grid operation increasingly challenging. The growing penetration of variable electricity generation from renewables is increasing the need for grid visibility, which necessitates a move from data estimates to accurate data measurements, and much faster response times.

Reactive’s approach to solving energy system challenges is very different- they are implementing cutting-edge technologies previously used exclusively in telecoms for the first time in the energy sector to solve the industry’s greatest challenges and simultaneously benefit all system participants. Reactive’s technology is set to positively disrupt the way end customers interact with their energy and the way grid operators manage their systems by making demand side response (DSR) smarter, and leading innovation in the grid space to allow for an ultra-fast and future-proof energy service to offer to businesses and generators.

“Reactive Technologies has established itself as a leader in demand side response and next generation grid solutions through targeted innovation that focuses on creating technology based not only on current needs, but anticipated future needs, ” said Frost & Sullivan Principal Gautham Gnanajothi. “For example, the company’s DSR solution, the Tradenergy® platform, connects to customers’ electrical assets via a secure, cloud-based platform , eliminating the need for a costly physical interface to be installed.”
Reactive’s Tradenergy® is a DSR and integrated energy management cloud-based platform that allows grid operators to:

  • Remotely optimize energy consumption of individual electrical assets, such as HVAC, lighting, storage, refrigeration, to name a few;
  • Decrease reliance on a small number of high output, carbon-intensive sources; and
  • Actively manage energy risks, ranging from energy price risk to imbalance risk to use of system charges.

In the grid space, the company’s solutions include:

  • GridMetrix: a powerful grid measurement and data visualisation tool that delivers unique system data and deep insights to help manage electric systems in real-time and drive critical grid investment and reserve services procurement decisions;
  • Inertia Optimized Frequency Response (IOFR): a  service that is able to detect a system destabilization event seconds before it would otherwise be detected and enable a response faster than any service currently being offered; and
  • Grid Data Measurement System (GDMS): first communications solution that broadcasts data messages through an entire national grid using existing electrical infrastructure which allows electrical devices, ranging from industrial chillers to energy storage devices, to participate in DSR without the need for an internet/cellular connection or any type of advanced interface.

“Reactive’s  cutting-edge technologies enable the shift to a lower carbon energy mix, allowing grid operators to safely operate in a low inertia energy environment, and, ultimately, deliver value to consumers via reductions on their energy bills,” said Gnanajothi. “Reactive Technologies’ grid stability technology helps grid operators measure inertia on the grid, improve grid efficiency, maintain security of supply, reduce energy service spend, and contribute to a sustainable use of resources. Through its dedication to creating leading DSR and world-first grid technologies, the company is able to address the unmet needs of the global market, and position itself for strong growth potential.”

It is Frost & Sullivan’s finding that Reactive Technologies’ innovative solutions will be highly successful in helping grid operators improve grid efficiency, maintain security of supply, reduce energy costs, and contribute to a sustainable use of resources. Furthermore, Reactive’s Tradenergy® platform ensures customers are optimized across the highest value energy opportunities and that their energy usage is made more efficient through the use of integrated energy management. For the above reasons, Reactive Technologies has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Global Company of the Year Award.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents a Company of the Year award to the organization that demonstrates excellence in terms of growth strategy and implementation in its field. The award recognizes a high degree of innovation with products and technologies, and the resulting leadership in terms of customer value and market penetration.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

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