Reactive Technologies Announces Receipt of New York State Future Grid Challenge Award to Advance Innovative Inertia Measurement Project

29 February 2024

Reactive Technologies announces the receipt of Future Grid Challenge Award from NYSERDA for an inertia measurement project in New York State.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Real-time Measurements Support Increased Integration and Reliable Deployment of Renewable Resources and Advances New York State Climate Goal for Carbon-free Power Grid by 2040

Reactive Technologies, a global leader in grid stability measurement, is pleased to announce the receipt of a Future Grid Challenge Award from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for an innovative inertia measurement project in New York State. 

The inertia measurement technology, GridMetrix®, offers network operators continuous measurement and analytics data, including real-time measurement of inertia—a critical parameter for grid stability that will enable operators to make more informed decisions. The technology supports the increased integration of renewables while maintaining a secure grid, which aligns with the ambitious goals outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act), reflecting New York State’s commitment to achieving 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and a carbon-free power grid by 2040.

New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Goals

The Climate Act mandates the quadrupling of offshore wind capacity to 9,000 MW by 2035, doubling distributed solar deployment to 6,000 MW by 2025, and deploying 3,000 MW of energy storage by 2030. Reactive’s real-time inertia measurement service is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and reliable large-scale deployment of renewable generation resources to meet these targets.

The collaboration, supported by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and utilities across the state, will be showcased in a demonstration project to confirm the operational and grid planning benefits that are vital for New York’s journey toward a net zero future.

Marc Borrett, CEO of Reactive Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to see NYSERDA, NYPA, and the New York State utilities exemplify climate leadership by supporting and adopting our technology. This award underscores New York’s dedication to fostering new technologies that advance a future powered by clean energy. We are eager to continue our collaboration with utilities across New York State, aiding them in achieving their net zero goals–safer and faster.”

Reactive’s GridMetrix® technology has been successfully deployed globally, serving leading utilities in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Deployment in New York is expected to increase understanding of the real-time operational stability of the power grid. 

Doreen M. Harris, President and CEO of NYSERDA, said, “NYSERDA is moving forward strategically to support the demonstration of tools like Reactive Technologies GridMetrix® through our Future Grid Challenge program. Investments in innovation are investments in a grid of the future that incorporates clean energy and allows for dynamic management and operation to ensure resilient and reliable transmission and distribution, even when factoring in the impacts of climate change.”

Justin E. Driscoll, New York Power Authority President and CEO, said, “The New York Power Authority is pleased to play an active role in evaluating new technologies like the one used in this demonstration system. The testing process will help define benefits that result in a more reliable and resilient power grid that incorporates increasing development of new renewable energy sources.”

Rana Mukerji, Senior VP, Market Structures at NYISO, said, “NYISO is pleased to work with Reactive Technology and NYSERDA as a Technical Advisor to explore the applicability of their groundbreaking technology in New York as we work to deliver the grid of the future.”

Thomas Vaccaro, Director of Transmission for Renewables, National Grid US, said, “National Grid is excited to support this NYSERDA demonstration, bringing new technology to the Northeast US to enable efficient integration of renewable energy on the path to net-zero.”

News of the award follows the successful commercial operation of Reactive’s flagship inertia measurement project in Great Britain. The project has enabled the system operator, National Grid ESO, to save an estimated ~18 million tonnes of CO2 annually for the United Kingdom power system. With GridMetrix® in place, National Grid ESO can safely increase its renewable share and unlock up to 30% additional grid capacity for integrating renewables, in line with the operator’s goal of achieving a fully net zero carbon electricity system by 2035.

Inertia forecasts further empower operators and planners to expedite renewable energy rollouts with confidence, facilitating the retirement of traditional fossil-fuel energy sources and the construction of a sustainable, reliable renewable grid.

Reactive’s technology not only minimizes operational risk by providing a comprehensive view of inertia for both traditional and renewable energy sources but also reduces the cost of grid-stabilizing services, resulting in significant annual cost savings of approximately 10-15%. The technology enhances asset optimization and planning, allowing clients to make six-figure cost savings through improved grid insights and visibility.

The Future Grid Challenge is part of NYSERDA’s Grid Modernization Program included in the State’s Clean Energy Fund (CEF), which is providing a total of $140 million through 2026 to further research, develop, and provide funding for innovative solutions that support the advancement of a smart, modernized electric grid, remove barriers, and enable the utility investments necessary for full deployment at scale of advanced technologies for the power grid.

About Reactive Technologies

Reactive Technologies is a grid resilience technology company helping grid operators, electric utilities, and regulators transition to net zero and ensure resilient, renewable grids. Reactive’s products, including the first-of-its-kind GridMetrix® technology, bringing unprecedented transparency to grid operations by measuring grid inertia and other functions with 95% accuracy–a vast improvement over the projections and estimates they are replacing. Reactive has worked with some of the most advanced electric utilities in the world and consistently delivers accurate grid data that informs better planning, full utilization of electricity supplies, and cost savings while enabling an accelerated transition to clean energy. Reactive is backed by several of the world’s leading climate tech venture and management firms, including BGF, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Eaton, Toshiba, and Accenture Ventures. Reactive Technologies is a 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers winner.

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