Whitepaper: Inertia Measurement Challenges in Modern Power Grids

26 April 2024

White Paper

Inertia Measurement Challenges in Modern Power Grids

Introducing Reactive’s latest whitepaper. Co-written with the University of Melbourne, this paper sets out the challenges involved in accurate measurement of inertia in modern power grids – taking a whole-system view to consider the wider developments that are associated with renewables-rich grids and the impact of these wider changes on inertia measurement techniques.

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Key Takeaways

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Importance of Inertia Measurement

Inertia measurement is essential for the secure operation of modern power grids, especially as renewable energy adoption increases.

Challenges in Measurement Techniques

Traditional passive methods are inadequate in low inertia grids due to faster control options and dynamic grid conditions.

Continuous Measurement Necessity

Continuous inertia measurement becomes imperative as grids transition to higher renewable penetration levels to ensure accurate system modeling and planning.

Impact of Fast Controllers

The proliferation of fast controllers in low inertia grids necessitates a shift towards active inertia measurement techniques to maintain accuracy.

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