Former ENTSO-E Chairman Joachim Vanzetta joins Advisory Board of Reactive Technologies 

25 October 2023

Former ENTSO-E Chairman Joachim Vanzetta joins Advisory Board of Reactive Technologies.

Reactive Technologies, a UK-based technology company specialising in power grid stability measurement solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Joachim Vanzetta to its advisory board. Joachim Vanzetta was most recently the former Chair of the Board of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). 

Joachim Vanzetta, is a highly regarded and prominent figure in the energy industry with a wealth of experience, who will bring invaluable insights and guidance to Reactive Technologies as the company continues its mission to advance grid stability and facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources on a global basis. 

During his tenure as Chairman of ENTSO-E, Mr. Vanzetta played a pivotal role in shaping the European energy landscape. In addition, Mr. Vanzetta spent nearly 35 years’ with Amprion GmbH and former RWE companies, serving in his last position as Director of System Control with the German transmission system operator for 20 years. His extensive knowledge of grid management, energy policy, and regulatory matters will be highly complimentary within Reactive Technologies’ advisory board, as Reactive continues to grow internationally. 

Reactive Technologies’ GridMetrix® technology platform offers unique real-time grid stability measurement services, enabling grid operators new measurement-based insights into the operation of their power grids, to make enhanced decisions and maximise the integration of renewables into their networks securely. The news of Mr. Vanzetta’s appointment comes as Reactive ramps up global rollout of its GridMetrix® platform with operators including AEMO in Australia and Taipower in Taiwan. Complimented with Mr. Vanzetta’s insights and guidance, Reactive Technologies is poised to accelerate its efforts in revolutionising grid management and supporting the global transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. 

Commenting on his new role, Joachim Vanzetta said, “I am very excited to join the advisory board of Reactive Technologies, a company who I consider to be at the forefront of innovation in grid management. As we transition to a more sustainable energy future, grid stability and the efficient use of renewable resources are paramount. I look forward to working with Reactive Technologies’ team to address these challenges and drive positive change in the industry.” 

Reactive Technologies CEO Marc Borrett said, “We are honored to welcome Joachim Vanzetta to our Advisory Board. His profound knowledge of grid management and renewable energy integration will be instrumental as we continue to innovate and drive forward the transformation of global energy systems.” 

Reactive Technologies welcomes Joachim Vanzetta to its advisory board and anticipates a highly fruitful collaboration that will benefit the company, its partners, and the energy industry as a whole. 

About Reactive Technologies: 

Reactive Technologies is a grid resilience technology company helping grid operators, electric utilities, and regulators transition to Net Zero and ensure safe and secure renewables-based power grids. Reactive’s services, including the first-of-its-kind GridMetrix® technology, bring unprecedented transparency to grid operations by measuring grid inertia and other functions with a high degree of accuracy–a vast improvement over the projections and estimates they are replacing. Reactive has worked with some of the most advanced electric utilities in the world and consistently delivers accurate grid data that informs better planning, full utilisation of electricity supplies, and cost savings while enabling an accelerated transition to clean energy. Reactive is backed by several of the world’s leading climate tech venture and management firms, including BGF, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Eaton, and Accenture Ventures. Reactive Technologies is a 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Global Energy Pioneers winner. 

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