Former GE Software Solutions VP Joins Reactive Technologies to Drive Middle East Expansion 

4 April 2024

Former GE Software Solutions VP Joins Reactive Technologies to Drive Middle East Expansion

Dubai, 4/4/2024 – Reactive Technologies, a global leader in real-time grid stability measurement, is pleased to announce the appointment of Talal Eskandar as Middle East Executive Director. In this critical role, Talal will leverage his extensive experience to drive business growth and support system operators in the Middle East and North Africa as they navigate the complexities of grid transformation. 

Talal Eskandar joins Reactive Technologies from GE Software Solutions, where he served as Senior Director – VP Sales for the Middle Esat, North Africa and Turkey. With a focus on digital transformation and software solutions for the energy industry, Talal brings over two decades of expertise in delivering integrated grid management solutions and driving grid transformation across the region. 

Talal Eskandar holds a BA in Electrical Engineering from the University of Westminster, London, and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program in Leadership. His 21 years of experience in digital markets, coupled with his deep understanding of the Middle East’s energy sector, position him as a valuable asset for Reactive Technologies. 

The Middle East and North Africa region are actively working towards deploying more renewable energy, with countries like the UAE pledging to triple its renewable energy capacity by 2030. However, integrating renewables poses challenges for system operators, especially concerning grid stability. As the region transitions towards cleaner energy, innovative solutions become crucial to navigating the evolving power system. 

Reactive’s GridMetrix® technology offers a unique and unparalleled solution, providing a deeper level of visibility into the entire energy system. By measuring the hidden inertia in the distribution grid, which can account for up to 30% of total system inertia, GridMetrix enables grid operators to securely integrate higher proportions of renewable energy. This capability aligns perfectly with the evolving energy landscape in the Middle East, where renewables are gaining prominence. 

Talal Eskandar expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to join Reactive Technologies at this pivotal moment for the company. Reactive’s technology offers a unique solution to the evolving challenges faced by grid operators in the Middle East and beyond. I look forward to contributing to Reactive’s success and supporting the region’s journey towards a sustainable and resilient energy future.” 

Reactive Technologies’ CEO, Marc Borrett, commented on the appointment, saying, “We are delighted to welcome Talal Eskandar to our team. His wealth of experience and strategic vision will play a crucial role as we expand our footprint in the Middle East. Talal’s leadership comes at a time when the region is rapidly transitioning to renewable energy, and his expertise will be instrumental in delivering real-time grid stability solutions to our clients.” 

With Talal Eskandar joining the team, Reactive Technologies reinforces its commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower grid operators on their path to a sustainable, net-zero future. 

About Reactive Technologies: 

Reactive Technologies is a grid resilience technology company helping grid operators, electric utilities, and regulators transition to net zero and ensure resilient, renewable grids. Reactive’s products, including the first-of-its-kind GridMetrix® technology, bringing unprecedented transparency to grid operations by measuring grid inertia and other functions with 95% accuracy–a vast improvement over the projections and estimates they are replacing. Reactive has worked with some of the most advanced electric utilities in the world and consistently delivers accurate grid data that informs better planning, full utilization of electricity supplies, and cost savings while enabling an accelerated transition to clean energy. Reactive is backed by several of the world’s leading climate tech venture and management firms, including BGF, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Eaton, Toshiba, and Accenture Ventures. Reactive Technologies is a 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers winner.  

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