Reactive Technologies brings accurate, real-time resiliency measurements of electrical grids to North America

14 April 2022

Grid resilience technology company that simplifies integration of renewable energy into electrical grids is recognized as a 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneer for its potential to “accelerate global decarbonization”

New York, NY, – April 14, 2022 – Reactive Technologies, a U.K.-based grid resilience technology company, announced today its expansion into North American markets in order to help U.S. and Canadian grid operators, electric utilities, and regulators accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon power grid. The announcement followed Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) naming Reactive a 2022 Pioneer for its contributions to “providing round-the-clock zero-emissions power.”

“BloombergNEF’s recognition of Reactive’s role in seamlessly providing zero-emissions power is a testament to our best-in-class grid resiliency measurement technologies, and the creativity and dedication of our amazing team,” said Marc Borrett, Co-Founder and CEO of Reactive Technologies. “Reactive’s Grid-Sonar™ technology enables utilities and grid operators around the world to accelerate decarbonization while maintaining grid resiliency. As the growth of renewable energy sources to North American grids accelerates, the need to accurately measure grid inertia in real time is becoming increasingly important. We look forward to working with our U.S. and Canadian partners to lay the groundwork for creating resilient renewable grids for the 21st century.”

Reactive was founded in the UK and Finland in 2010 and has deployed its technology in the U.K., Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Most recently, the company launched a six-year commercial service with National Grid ESO, the largest electric utility in the U.K, to achieve the highest level of visibility into real-time grid stability to date. 

Reactive’s North America headquarters are in New York City, and its U.S. team is led by Regional Executive Director Jack Joyce, who previously worked for EPRI, General Electric, Siemens and the New York Power Authority (NYPA). Reactive’s strategic partners Accenture and Eaton will support its market expansion and help disseminate its technology to utilities and grid operators across the U.S. and Canada.

Reactive’s unique measurement systems enable entirely new measurements, deep into the real-time operation of the power system, providing unprecedented transparency of grid operations and status and smoothing the transition to a zero-carbon grid. Grid inertia, the ability of a system to continue supplying electricity after a generator goes offline, can be negatively impacted by the addition of renewable generation sources like wind and solar. 

In recent months, regional transmission operator PJM and regional electric industry group WECC both identified inertia as a grid function operators need to effectively and accurately measure. Today, most grid operators rely on models and estimates of grid inertia, limiting visibility of grid operations and risking the transition to a lower-carbon grid. Reactive’s flagship technology combines Grid-SonarTM, a micro-pulse of energy, with cloud computing to provide the world’s first instantaneous direct measurement of grid inertia. Armed with real-time data on grid inertia and frequency, managers can add distributed, zero-carbon generators and other assets to the grid without sacrificing resilience. 

Reactive was announced as a BNEF Pioneers 2022 finalist in February 2022, and after an exhaustive review, declared a winner this week. For more than a decade, the BNEF Pioneers program has identified a group of game-changing technologies or innovations annually – each with the potential to accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change. BNEF Pioneers 2022 finalists were rated on specific challenges, among them, the capacity to provide round-the-clock zero-emissions power, and the ability to demonstrate technologies that can provide inertia and bolster system strength. 

About Reactive Technologies: 

Reactive Technologies is a grid resilience technology company helping grid operators, electric utilities, and regulators transition to Net Zero and ensure resilient renewables-based power grids. Reactive’s products, including the first-of-its-kind Grid-Sonar™ technology, bring unprecedented transparency to grid operations by replacing guesswork and modeling with real-time measurements of grid inertia and other functions. Reactive has worked with some of the most advanced electric utilities in the world and consistently delivers accurate grid data that informs better planning, full utilization of electricity supplies, and cost savings while enabling an accelerated transition to clean energy. Reactive is backed by several of the world’s leading climate tech venture and management firms, including BGF, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Eaton, and Accenture Ventures. Reactive Technologies is a 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers winner

About BloombergNEF Pioneers: 

For more than a decade, the BNEF Pioneers program has identified a group of game-changing technologies or innovations annually – each with the potential to accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change. Pioneers can be innovators serving the energy, transport, materials, manufacturing, consumer and agriculture sectors, or providers of solutions and technologies that help increase understanding of the climate, scale up carbon capture, utilization and storage, and promote climate adaptation.

Applicants are shortlisted by the BNEF Pioneers team and finalists judged by a panel of BNEF experts. Winners must prove they offer a novel, substantial, scalable, and competitive solution.

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