Reactive Technologies is Awarded a Place on the 2018 Ones to Watch List

15 November 2018

Reactive Technologies, a highly innovative UK based energy tech company, has been awarded a place on the 2018 Ones to Watch list, produced by Cleantech Group.

The Ones to Watch list, a sister list to the Global Cleantech 100, showcases up-and-coming companies that represent segments and sectors more people in the market should pay attention to. The Ones to Watch were selected from the Global Cleantech 100 short list.

“Cleantech Group makes it its business to identify the innovation companies that investors and corporates are most excited by right now,” said Cleantech Group’s CEO, Richard Youngman. “Our annual Ones to Watch List represents companies trending upwards and emerging industrial solutions that are gaining market traction.”

“We’re thrilled that our technological breakthroughs, industry-transforming services and global market potential are being recognised. At Reactive Technologies, we are focused on applying cutting-edge communications technologies (over 100 patents granted) to address the energy industry’s most pressing challenges. We offer the first and only power grid inertia measurement service for grid operators, enabling them to fundamentally change the way they manage system stability, as well as optimisation and enhanced power purchase agreement services for renewable generators, delivering much needed added value so they can thrive in a non-subsidy environment. We very much look forward to announcing a number of additional services and exciting commercial projects we have coming up in the new year,” said Marc Borrett, CEO of Reactive Technologies

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