Ultra-fast, unique grid insights for short-term power traders.

Introducing Tradenergy®

In the increasingly complex and fast-paced energy market, access to fast, reliable data is essential for smarter decision making and maintaining your competitive edge.

Tradenergy® provides short-term power traders, asset owners and market analysts with advanced data to monitor the power system in real-time.

Grid events such as power station or interconnector trips are visible an average of ten minutes before alternative sources, allowing for a market timing advantage to make a profit or prevent losses

Powerful data for smarter trading decisions.​

Leverage Tradenergy's suite of sophisticated analytics tools and features, purpose-built for today's complex power markets.


Locational Grid Event Detection

Receive high-speed notification of Interconnector, Generator and Transmission trips before alternative market data sources via Reactive Technologies network of Grid Edge devices. 

Inertia Monitoring & Forecast

Accurate forecasting of when inertia management actions by grid operators are likely to occur, provides insight on within day changes to interconnector flows, as well as indicating actions on Wind and Gas units in the balancing market. This insight has allowed Reactive’s customers to improve their performance in the balancing mechanism relative to peers.


BM Monitoring

Powerful probabilistic BM forecasting activity by fuel type, updated every 30 minutes Intra Day.

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Powered by Reactive's global network of grid edge measurement devices.

Tradenergy® utilises a distributed network of ultra high-definition grid monitoring devices (XMUs), and cloud-based digital signal processing to provide unique location-based frequency and grid monitoring. Within the UK, Reactive receives 173 million readings every 24 hours via highly available devices.

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Integration features

Our Rest API and Push interface makes it easy to integrate Tradenergy®  Market Data with your own system. 

Events Push Interface

Push interface for Events is the fastest way to receive data for trade automation / integration with your own systems.

Forecasts REST API

Rest API for Forecast integration for ​Programmatic access to current and historic Inertia and BM Forecasts.

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