Renewable grids are an unprecedented challenge

Grid-Sonar™ makes renewable grids resilient

Grid-Sonar™ makes renewable grids reliable

Grid-Sonar™ makes renewable grids possible

Grid-Sonar™ makes renewable grids visible

Grid-Sonar™ makes grid decisions smarter

Renewable grids are happening today

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Accurate Grid Inertia Measurements

Accurate Grid Inertia Measurements

With more renewable generators being added to transmission grids, the ability to measure grid inertia is essential to maintaining reliability while reducing emissions. Reactive’s Grid-Sonar™ technology is the only tool available that provides accurate inertia measurements in real time.

Accurate System Strength Measurements

Accurate System Strength Measurements

Distribution grids are more complex than ever, and the proliferation of DERs has made measuring short circuit strength an operational requirement. Reactive’s Grid-Sonar™ measures system strength of distribution grids in real time with unmatched accuracy.

Real Time Grid Insights for Energy Traders

Real-Time Grid Insights for Energy Traders

By using Reactive’s ultra-high speed event detection platform,​ energy traders gain insight into outages that impact the intraday market, while accurate inertia measurement informs bidding strategies in the balancing mechanism and frequency response markets.

See how Reactive takes the world’s most accurate grid inertia measurements

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Why Reactive?

Unique Technology

Unique Technology

Reactive has genuinely world-leading and proven innovation deployed with the foremost transmission and distribution grids globally.

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Pinpoint Accuracy

Reactive’s Grid-Sonar™ technology is a patented, first-of-its-kind tool for measuring grid inertia and system strength with unprecedented accuracy.

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Leading Expertise

Reactive offers the world’s foremost expertise and innovation in measuring grid inertia and system strength at a time when its measurement is crucial to the resilient grids of today and tomorrow.


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