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The World is Transitioning to Net Zero Carbon Grids

The world’s international, national, and subnational authorities share a goal to facilitate the transition of power grids to net zero carbon in the coming decades. These same authorities depend on grid operators to make the transition possible while also protecting reliability and resilience.

Solar and wind power

The Renewable Grid Challenge

Renewable energy sources–from massive wind farms to rooftop residential solar–are making energy systems cleaner, more efficient, and less costly. But they are also introducing challenges for integrating the old ways of generating and supplying electricity with the new. Many of those challenges fall to grid operators, whose chief responsibility is to maintain reliable and resilient delivery of electricity. How renewable generators affect the stability of transmission and distribution grids has been largely invisible to grid operators–until now. Reactive Technologies’ solutions match modern-day grid challenges with modern solutions that deliver operational visibility and accurate measurements to grid operators.


Real-Time Accurate Measurements

To meet their dual goals of maintaining reliability and facilitating a smooth transition to net zero transmission and distribution grids, operators first require accurate and real-time measurements of how their grids are functioning. For the centralized, fossil fuel-based grids of yesterday, estimates and modeling of key grid characteristics like inertia and system strength were sufficient to maintain reliable and resilient operation.

Today, Reactive Technologies offers the most accurate, fastest measurements of grid stability that the world has ever seen. Armed with accurate, real-time data and associated insights, grid operators can make better-informed decisions that advance the transition to clean energy while also maintaining reliable supplies and controlling costs.

Stakeholders across the globe are using accurate, real-time grid
insights right now as they transition toward renewable energy.

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Accurate Grid Inertia Measurements

Accurate Grid Inertia Measurements

With more renewable generators being added to transmission grids, the ability to measure grid inertia is essential to maintaining reliability while reducing emissions. Reactive’s Grid-Sonar™ technology is the only tool available that provides accurate inertia measurements in real time.

Accurate System Strength Measurements

Accurate System Strength Measurements

Distribution grids are more complex than ever, and the proliferation of DERs has made measuring system strength an operational requirement. Reactive’s Grid-Sonar™ measures system strength of distribution grids in real time with unmatched accuracy.

Real Time Grid Insights for Energy Traders

Tradenergy®: Real-Time Grid Insights for Energy Traders

Powered by Reactive’s flagship Grid-Sonar™ technology, energy traders have access to unique insight on grid operations such as power failures and frequency oscillations on average ten minutes ahead of alternative sources, getting that extra edge needed to maximize profit.

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